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Our product is your packaging. Depending on the functional requirements, we have different corrugated packaging types that serve a variety of segments.

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High-performance Corrugated Packaging Solutions
  • LY offers a broad range of converting capabilities and high-quality corrugated materials and machines designed to protect, promote, deliver and display your products.

  • Whether you need a unique shape, a special reinforced structure, a shelf-ready solution, simple one-color box or a dynamic display, our experienced team creates and delivers solutions that matter to you.

  • Lowering your cost - Develop sustainable solutions to minimize the environmental impact throughout the package life-cycle.

    Growing your sales - Innovative designs and dynamic shelf appeal for unique consumer experiences.

    Releasing your workloads - Minimize your risk with time-tested designs, sales support, unparalleled machine performance and discover new corrugated packaging opportunities.

Benefits of Consumer Packaging

Our consumer packaging range is guaranteed to both enhance and protect your brands and consumer electronics products. We offer numerous types of packaging material (compact and corrugated board), printing (offset, flexo, digital, silk-screen) and finishing techniques (varnishing, laminating, hot stamping, embossing, etc.) for a tailor-made solution adapted to your needs.

Our concise, clear creative process
We keep our costs competitive through streamlined workflows and processes.
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