Custom paper tube packaging made with sustainable, eco-friendly materials.

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Cylinder Paper Tube Packaging With Custom Printing
  • We are a custom designer and manufacturer of paper tube packaging for a range of consumer retail, industrial, medical, and government markets. Our products range in size, finishes and styles.  All of our products are spiral wound paper tubes that are transformed into stunning custom paper tube packaging. 

  • Our paper tube packaging will add value to your products and help you stand out from your competition on the retail shelf. Servicing leading industries, we customize the shape, style, and material of your packaging, making your product packaging one of a kind. Your customers are sure to be impressed! 

  • LEYEAH Packaging will be able to offer you the customizations you need, the product volume you require, and the certifications you want. On top of that, we’ll be able to deliver you a high-quality product within your budget and your deadline.

Packaging To Fit Your Every Need

The tubes that LEYEAH produces are extremely durable and stand out with perfect geometry and fine design. What we offer you are tubes in colours of your choice both on the outside and on the inside, tubes without any rough spiral edgings present in the competitive products on the market, we offer you short production terms and unprecedented prices for the market. 

Our concise, clear creative process
We keep our costs competitive through streamlined workflows and processes.
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