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Customize your Transit & Transport packaging to deliver results to customers by increase sales, lower cost and managed risks.

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Traditional Transit Box & E-commerce Packaging
  • Our traditional transit style boxes, can be supplied printed or unprinted, in high to low volume depending on your need. Our designer will specify your corrugated boxes to make the very best use of space, optimize strength and use no more material than necessary. We take into account every aspect of your packing line, distribution, logistics and end user requirements, to ensure that your valuable goods are protected.

  • E-Commerce packaging take on more than just logistic tasks. Making sure that a product arrives in perfect condition serves two important purpose. The brand image of the company is enhanced by its attention to detail, right down to the quality of the packaging. The other advantage is cost savings. A product that must be returned can be very costly. It represents a lost sale, damaged inventory, additional transport costs and an unhappy customer that will not recommend the brand.

  • LY understands this critical link in the e-commerce supply China and creates innovative and cost-saving solutions for customers. 

    -High performance protection of the product

    -Smallest volume and lightest weight to reduce shipping costs

    -Least amount of waste and material

    -Communications: Aesthetically pleasing solution with colors, logos and materials that accurately reflect the brand identity

    -Frustration-Free Packaging: Easily opened by end user 

Benefit From Updating Your Packaging Strategy

With LY, the physical performance of your packaging can be improved, specifically with regarding to monitoring packaging performance, selection of product-specific packaging systems and customization. We help you enhance consumer experience to promote consumer intimacy and brand loyalty.

Our concise, clear creative process
We keep our costs competitive through streamlined workflows and processes.
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